LADA – Are You Really Type-2?

warmhat.png We’d like to think that Medicine has all of the answers concerning diabetes.  That’s warm and fuzzy but alas untrue.  The truth is that at this point in time more questions are surfacing than answers and we really are at the beginning stages of discovery with more and more challenges to long-held beliefs. Continue reading

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Time For New Software

It’s time to revisit this link from last year, click on the title:

New Software



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Knowledge is Power

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My Glucose Meter Is Wacky




I just did my after dinner reading.  All I had was baked chicken and a green salad with oil, vinegar, and fresh squeezed orange juice.  About 15 carbs or less.  My reading was 342!!!!!  What could be wrong?

Did you wash your hands first?

I washed before I fixed dinner.

Did you squeeze the OJ with your hands?

Yes, but they were clean…………… Continue reading

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Diabetes – Having a Hard Day?

 nap time

It happens to all of us. Here are some thoughts on the subject from one of my favorite poets:


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Deck the Halls





It’s snowing today, so a good time to look at the newest video.

Channel link:

Holiday video link:


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Have a great holiday!
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Knowledge is Power

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Diabetes and Stress – It’s All In Your Mind




I hear people told all of the time that stress will raise your numbers, make you sick, even kill you.  While this is true, it isn’t a foregone conclusion nor is it inevitable.  It’s about time that we examine both stress and how we believe.  Our beliefs are really what control our life and our reactions and actions. Continue reading

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